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Entire hamlet for sale

Hamlet for sale

An unusual property has just come on to the market: an entire French hamlet in its own estate of 35 hectares. It's on the Tarn/Aveyron border north of Lacaune.

What's included:
6 houses, 3 streets, 3 vegetable plots, a greenhouse, a heated pool and 35 hectares of chestnut forest and sheep pasture.
The houses have been renovated: there is one B&B house with guest rooms and en-suite bathrooms. There is a fully-functional gîte for 4 people. The owners have their own family home: a six-bedroomed house. One of the houses is used as a museum and restaurant.
All the houses are heated - centrally-heated - by a wood-burning boiler which uses wood chips or waste wood.
The entire hamlet is provided with free spring water.

The price for the whole property is €374,000

see more information and photographs here.